Anti-Fouling & Corrosion Protection Technology for Heat Transfer Equipment

A disruptive and innovative surface treatment is being brought to select markets through Therco – Sercks collaboration with Oceanit, a ‘Mind to Market’ company with a world class reputation for developing and migrating fundamental science to real world applications. HeatX surface treatment is an environmentally friendly, nanocomposite technology, designed specifically for heat exchanger asset life extension and maintenance/operating cost reduction. The ultra thin surface treatment imparts a high level of erosion and corrosion resistance whilst allowing fouling release and frictional drag reduction, all without compromising key heat transfer characteristics.


‘Supported by extensive lab based research, development and field trials, this game changing technology has the potential to revolutionise the way in which heat transfer equipment is specified and maintained. Our collaboration with Oceanit will leverage immense value for our existing and prospective client base throughout the global hydrocarbon, power generation, and renewable industries alike.’

Rob Sawtell – Managing Director, Therco – Serck


Whilst currently being deployed in a variety of applications around the world, there is one ‘stand out’ case study where Oceanit worked closely with the state owned Hawaiian Electrical Company (HECO). HeatX was applied to conventional BEM shell and tube type heat exchangers  at the Kahe Power Plant (pictured above) and delivered an estimated cost saving of circa $1.5million PER EXCHANGER over a 5 year period. Contact us for a copy of the case study and more details on these rapid ROI’s and reduced plant interventions.