TEMA type heat exchangers produced in the full range of steel, nickel & corrosion resistant alloys.

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Complete heat exchangers designed & manufactured from first principles, or on a like for like replacement basis.

The TEMA book sets the standard for heat exchanger designations, more commonly described as floating head, fixed tube sheet, high pressure enclosure, U tube and so on. The Therco - Serck team is highly adept in constructing all such types, in a multitude of materials and often involving positional dissimilar welding.

Complete Heat Exchangers

Replacement tube bundles

Given legible drawings/design data of any age, Therco - Serck can produce almost any type of replacement bundle. Even with the requisite design calculations (to verify thicknesses to current code) these can be produced on a standard or accelerated delivery schedule to suit the most demanding of needs and application.

Replacement Tube Bundles

Complex construction

Sustainable innovations in process shell and tube heat exchangers have been few and far between in recent years. That said, our team of skilled technicians have built acid coolers utilizing the rod type baffle, high pressure gas coolers with explosively clad tube sheets and intricate clad exchanger components using an in house electro-slag welding process. Not the most up to date innovations but not for the inexperienced either.

Complex Construction

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