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The teams customer centric approach, company accreditations (policy statement available on request) and extensive prequalification's have enabled us to participate in some fantastic projects over the years. The experience gained whilst doing so is invaluable, take a look at the highlights below.

Isobutane Condenser Bundles

First of a batch of 13m long replacement air cooler bundles, designed and manufactured on an aggressive schedule, in accordance with ASME VIII Div 1 and for hydrofluoric (HF) acid service within an oil refineries alkylation unit.

Multi Purpose Lub Oil Coolers

We supply low and high volumes of this type of tubestack to the marine and power-generation industries all over the world, particularly the USA, Candada and the Far East.

High Pressure Water Stripper Reboilers

Two of eight shown. Each one of these vertically mounted reboilers weighed in at over 43,500kgs and contain in excess of 3,500 x carbon steel SA179 tubes with a two pass strength welded tube to tube sheet joint

Sour Service Air Cooled Condensers

This project involved multiple bays of ACHE's in HFA Service, designed and manufactured to Shell Globals DEP's. Cover plate headers, low noise fans, embedded fins, and variable speed drives prevailed throughout the designs.

Submarine Propulsion Engine Oil Coolers

Replacement, sea water cooled, oil coolers for sub surface Ruston Paxman engines. Designed to withstand shock accelerations up to 4,200m/s² and built to the same exacting Canadian DEFSTANS as the original equipment supplied in the early 1970’s.

Centrifugal Compressor Intercoolers

Using our Serck archive of drawings we were able to convert this elliptical finned tube design into a round tube/plate fin design. Compressor performance and cooler life expectancy have both increased as a consequence.

Power Recovery Train Condenser

Designed to PD5500, the PED 2014/68/EU and an array of Shell DEP’s, this item contained in excess of 7,000 tubes and weighed in at over 180,000kgs during shop hydrotesting. The intricate fabrication works involved maintaining key plant interfaces on 28 different nozzle positions including vents, drains, manways and steam/water inlets and outlets.

Produced Water Coolers

Six of the fifteen exchangers on this project were for an FPSO's produced water cooling system. In the six duplex stainless steel items alone, there was in excess of 81KM of tube, 2KM of defect free butt welds and 4km of defect free weld overlay.

Shock Resistant Oil Coolers

Serck type, high-intensity seawater cooled units, designed & manufactured for steep thermal gradients when cooling oil throughout a variety of systems on board a nuclear submarine.

Cleanable Air Coolers

Heavy duty bundles for cooling demineralized water in a dust laden steel making plant. With unique access to the middle of the bundles for cleaning, plant availability has increased dramatically.

High Pressure Gas Cooler Bundles

One of the management teams largest and most successful projects. This project involved, aluminium brass tubes, carbon steel tubes and in excess of 12,000 low finned duplex stainless steel tubes.

Deep Gas Lift Compressor Aftercoolers

These heavy-duty coolers were designed and manufactured for a 25-year life expectancy, even when operating in a hostile offshore environment and with a design pressure of 176BarG.

Emergency Diesel Generator Coolers

Nuclear, coal-fired and hydro-electric power plants have been relying on seismically qualified Serck EDG coolers for decades. We continue to provide like for like spares and replacements throughout the UK fleet.

Gas Circulator Lub Oil Coolers

First of ninety six replacement bundles for lub oil coolers fitted to Advanced Gas Cooled Reactors. The scope included reverse engineering (of a 40-year-old concept), construction, testing, inspection, purging and packing for long term strategic storage within the UK’s fleet of nuclear power stations.

Propylene Tower Reboiler

One of two identical reboilers containing over 3,000 x 7.3m tubes and weighing in at 37,994kgs each. The scope included a complex, multi case thermal design with quench water/steam in the tubes and propylene tower bottoms in the shell

General Service Water Coolers

Turbine Halls and Reactor Buildings around the world are riddled with our Serck type coolers. We continue to supply like for like replacement tubestacks in non-ferrous and corrosion resistant alloys to part number only data.

Reactor Effluent Condensers

These eight off Air Cooler Bundles were produced with pipe manifold headers, using alloy825 materials and had a design pressure of 163BarG, demanding a highly pedantic approach to quality control, just how we like it.

Main Fractionator Overheads Condenser

Looking up past the hub, through the fan and into the finned tubes on this multiphase condenser provides an interesting perspective on a sophisticated product. The multi bay configuration was shop built for a rigorous FAT before being dismantled for transport to the end users refinery.

Ethane Superheater

Safety critical pieces like these, designed to the ASME BPVC, the PED and a variety of client specific GEMS are crucial for continued plant availability in the petrochemical sector.

Shock Resistant Drains Coolers

Mission critical steam system drains coolers with zinc plated shells and high integrity copper nickel bundles, built to DEFSTANS for marine applications.

Extended Surface Oil Coolers

These compact, high efficiency coolers can still be found on hundreds of ships engines around the world. Once mass produced in Birmingham, now custom made in Sheffield to part number data only.

Alkylation Reactor

This vertically mounted, high integrity piece was full of challenges during manufacture. The HF service application meant that the project involved highly onerous material restrictions and manufacturing techniques.

Charge Air Coolers

We still produce an array of Serck type charge air coolers for Mirlees Blackstone, MAN, CAT and Wartsilla engines all over the world.

High Pressure Gas Cooler Modules

The North Sea remains a good home for our products. These MP, HP and Dehydration inlet coolers (involving twelve bundles) were fabricated in duplex stainless steel with plugged box headers at one end and return bends at the other.

Purification Column Condenser

A 40t AES type (floating head) condenser, designed to PD5500 and manufactured with low temperature carbon steel shell and channel with an aluminium brass tube bundle.


Whilst not the business’s core competence, the original patterns were used to cast parts for these custom-built replacement stats for our elite craftsmen to fit to oil coolers origianlly designed in the 1970’s.

Rod Baffle Acid Coolers

These 4 x 27ft Replacement U Tube Bundles were designed and manufactured using a rod type baffle to reduce the risk of failures through shell side flow induced vibration.

Air Cooled Transformer Oil Coolers

Serck type, forced draught, ultra-quiet coolers with tube side enhancement and high integrity external coating system for a corrosive coastal environment.

Oil Cooler with Serckstat

Seawater cooled oil coolers with shell side thermostat assembly, produced on a like for like basis with a design from the early 1970’s, for another one of our esteemed clients on the Indian sub-continent.

Fuel Oil Coolers

Batch built to Serck OEM specifications and DEFSTANS from the 1980’s, all on a like for like basis thus eliminating the need for intrusive on-board, Paxman engine modifications.

Wet Gas Compressor Condenser

Designed to PD5550, the PED 2014/68/EU and an array of Shell DEP’s, this item contained in excess of 3,500 tubes and weighed in at over 98,000kgs during shop hydrotesting. The intricate fabrication works involved maintaining key plant interfaces on many nozzle positions, a flash tank, a rectangular steam inlet and we also incorporated hinged channel cover/doors.

SR Gasoline Cooler

A replacement, multi pass, cover plate, ACHE bundle for an esteemed client in Pakistan. The intricate header boxes were machined from solid forgings, minimising welding, NDE and inspection, whilst maximising integrity.

Naptha Feed Preheater

A replacement carbon steel bundle for a TEMA type AES Naptha Feed Preheater. Coming togther with a pair of DSS Depropaniser Condensers and a pair of Propylene Tower Reboilers

Executing these types of projects enables us to collaborate with some of the worlds greatest organizations, some of whom are shown below

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