21st Century suppliers, like Therco - Serck, inherently work with teams of SQEP who do the right thing when no one is looking.

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To be the market leading brand.


To consistently provide timely, high-end products and stakeholder experiences that exceed market expectation.


With a culture built upon integrity, we'll be prepared, positive and professional in everything we do.

Our People

We have a highly competent team with a good level of alignment to the companies Vision, Mission and Values. Adding our tenacity and decades of heat exchanger related experience to the blend gives us a potent recipe for success.


From order receipt to delivery, each phase of every project is managed with a pedantic attention to detail, customer service, compliance and all round performance.


Amongst many other facets, our design team often has to consider mettalurgy, thermal ratings, pressure boundary calculations & structural analysis concurrently and all in conjunction with legislative and client specific perculiarities.


Our fitters, machinists, platers and welders work with fine tolerances, intricate joint geometry and often with dissimilar metal welds performed manually and in position, with zero defects.


Even highly motivated, experienced people retire eventually. Young blood trained to use old and new machine tools is essential for sustainable business continuity.

Our History

The management teams acquisitional and re-structuring activity has brought great depth to the business over the years. You can trace our heritage right back to the end of the 19th century, enjoy the journey below.

Historical Timeline


Peter Oscar Serck born in St. Petersburg, Russia


Peter Oscar Serck develops and patents the Honey Comb Radiator


Serck Radiators Ltd formed and set up in Birmingham, UK


Herman Oscar Serck (Peters brother) sets up HO Serck to service radiators


Serck Tubes business established and set up alongside, and to support, the radiator business

1939 to 1945

65,000 aircraft radiators and 
110,000 aircraft oil coolers produced 
for the likes of 
Napier, Bristol 
Engine and 
Rolls Royce

1957 to 1964

Serck Group formed including Serck Radiators, Serck Tubes, Serck Services and HO Serck (after Herman Oscar retires) all residing on the redeveloped Seeley Road site in Birmingham


Serck Heat Transfer is formed and produces in excess of 500,000 shell and tube coolers and 350,000 air coolers a year. Many of these products were exported to Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and throughout the Middle East, Europe and the USA


Further growth is fuelled by the development and mass production of sectional radiators and the pipe range of oil coolers with baffle seals


Demand for sectional radiators peaks with major contracts for EDG Coolers throughout the UK’s growing fleet of Nuclear Power Stations


BTR acquires the Serck Group and divests low profit divisions in the mid 90’s. Tubular, Air Cooling & After sales Divisions amalgamated to create Serck Industrial.


MBO of Serck Heat Transfer, backed by Natwest Ventures. With new impetus, the first EGR Cooler was developed for Ford automotive and an aluminium cooler brazing facility was acquired in Burkesville, USA


Honeywell purchases Serck Heat Transfer and integrate it into its Garret Thermal Systems business


Rocore in US acquires the Burkesville facility


Therco is established in Sheffield, to provide large tubular and air cooled heat exchangers to the petrochemical, oil and gas industries


Exhaust gas cooler manufacturing is moved to Mexico and Therco acquires Serck Industrial, moving the entire business to Sheffield. The acquisition included the transfer of plant, equipment and IP, consisting mainly of serial number records, works order data and in excess of 500,000 drawings of the full range of Serck products.


With a high oil price, product demand is outstripping supply and Therco Holdings is formed in anticipation of continued and exponential growth


Therco (Incorporating Serck Industrial) acquires and moves to a new seven acre site, remaining in Sheffield, UK


The entire business is re-structured and Therco – Serck is formed with an updated business model to facilitate a new focus for all of its stakeholders.

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