Large and small-scale Air Cooled Heat Exchangers for operating in the harshest of environments.

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Niche bundles for new or existing installations with forced or induced draught execution

Whilst plugged box type prevail, the team at Therco – Serck is highly adept at producing cover plate (flanged and studded), bonnet and pipe manifold headers for high pressure, vacuum or lethal service applications. Bundles can be supplied on a like for like basis, designed from first principles or a holistic blend of both, with increased performance to enhance plant debottlenecking projects.

Multi Bay Condensers

Air side design, optimized for low noise, maximum performance and minimum power consumption

Selecting the right combination of bundle, fan and drive type along with an appropriate process control philosophy take years of practice. The Therco – Serck team has ample experience in doing so, with forced and induced draught execution, in both the horizontal and vertical positions and for an array of cooling and condensing applications.

Fan Engineering

Corrosion resistant, high strength metallurgy for heavy duty applications

Designing and manufacturing bundles for high pressure, high temperature duty, in nickel alloys and duplex stainless steels, is not for the faint hearted. When producing air coolers for reactor effluent or high-pressure gas running at pressures approaching 200 BarG, a highly pedantic approach to quality assurance is required throughout the fabrication and inspection processes.

High Pressure DSS Bundles

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